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Work Smarter
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See when and where you focus best so you can optimize your day, and help avoid burnout.
Powered by Neurable AI
The Mind. Unlocked.
The Neurable vision.
The Neurable Vision

Smart Headphones for Smarter Focus

MW75 Neuro | Neurable
MW75 Neuro | Neurable
MW75 Neuro | Neurable

Neurotechnology for everyday life.

MW75 Neuro uses Neurable’s advanced data analysis and signal processing techniques to identify and interpret brain signals with high confidence.

After a decade of scientific rigor, ethics, integrity, safety and human-centered design, the MW75 Neuro was created by a diverse team of industry leaders in neuroscience, product, and engineering. It is the proud result of our determination to improve people’s everyday lives through Neurotechnology.

Engineered for a premium sound.

Neurable AI data analysis and signal processing to record and interpret brain signals with high confidence
12 EEG Channels with Dry Fabric EEG Sensors designed for all-day focus tracking
Feel secure with encrypted and de-identified data stored in secured locations. Neurable goes above and beyond with data compliance. Your data will never be sold.
Download the Neurable app for iOS or Android to track focus habits and boost your productivity
Custom 40mm Beryllium drivers produce a rich, warm sound
8 microphones filter out external noise for clear calls and noise cancellation
Up to 32 hours of battery life or up to 8 hours with ANC (Active Noise-Cancellation) and EEG enabled
Bluetooth 5.2 Range of 100ft/30m with AAC, aptX adaptive, and SBC

Making Technology
Universally Accessible

MW75 Neuro | Neurable
Over the years, scientists have made breakthroughs in understanding the brain that haven’t been translated to awesome, yet accessible products. We’re changing that.

Better science for better focus.

Neurable Beginnings

Neurable's story is deeply rooted in the personal journey of its CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Ramses Alcaide. His narrative begins with his family's sacrifice and resilience, as they moved from Mexico to the United States for a better future. Dr. Alcaide's early exposure to the challenges faced by a tragic accident in his family ignited his passion for developing technology that bridges the mind technology gap.

This personal connection fuels Neurable's mission, making it more than just a company - it's a culmination of family sacrifices and a testament to human perseverance.

Seamless BCI Integration

Spinning out of University of Michigan, Neurable’s journey began in 2011 with the development of an AI that enhances the signal-to-noise ratio of brain data. We’ve worked for more than a decade on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) innovations, meticulously crafting systems to record and process brain data and an unwavering commitment to providing users with an unparalleled experience.

Ditching wires, shrinking size, amplifying possibilities. We slashed electrodes from 22 to 6, all while AI powered our relentless pursuit of peak performance—without compromise.

Closing the Gap

Fast forward to today, Neurable stands on the cutting edge of BCI technology. Our investment in innovation and user experience has led us to the latest breakthrough: BCIs integrated into everyday headphones with performance that enables a seamless experience. This evolution represents the pinnacle of our journey, allowing users to experience the power of high performance brain-computer interfaces in a form factor that aligns with their daily lives.

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Keep Burnout at Bay

See when and where you focus best so you can optimize your day, and help avoid burnout. Enjoy a coffee in the morning? Track how activities impact your focus, dive into the trends and get-informed recommendations - all powered by Neurable.

Buy MW75 Neuro
Take Brain Breaks At The Right Time
Just like you can’t do pushups forever, your brain needs a break too. MW75 Neuro recommends when your brain needs to recharge. Regular breaks reduce burnout and boost productivity.
Banish Distractions
The Neurable mobile app for iOS and Android tells you when you’re focused and when you’re distracted. Use the Focus Score to hold yourself accountable to stay on to task.
Optimize Your Day
Uncover what affects your focus and what time of day you focus best so you can plan your most productive day.
Level Up Your Focus
The Neurable App allows you to track your progress toward better focus habits and more productivity. Compare your focus day by day and week by week as your focus habits evolve and change.

Here’s what people are saying.

First-hand accounts on how products powered by Neurable AI like the MW75 Neuro are making an impact on people.


Really enhanced my deep work.

Really enhanced my deep work

"Having these headphones on has really enhanced my deep work."

- A project manager in Colorado


Really provided a boost of motivation.

Really provided a boost of motivation.

“With the headphones, it’s like there’s a third party keeping me accountable. The desire not to see a poor Focus Score in the app has kept me from spending too much time away from my tasks. I have a lot to improve upon but I feel like the headphones really provide a boost of motivation.”

- A computer graphics professional


I felt more relaxed and calm during my work day.

I felt more relaxed and calm during my work day.

“The breaks definitely allow me to get back into a focused state more easily after I have taken them. I felt more relaxed and calm during my normal work day.”

- An engineering technician from Illinois


I can finally understand how my mind works.

I can finally understand how my mind works.

“Before these headphones I was beholden to the whims of my energy levels and mood. I can finally understand more about how my mind works, which gives me a bit of peace of mind during the work day and a level of compassion for myself while I try to accomplish my tasks.”

- A video game enthusiast


It was really nice to get “permission” to take a breather.

It was really nice to get “permission” to take a breather.

“I was wound up so tightly today at work, it was really nice to get “permission” or a prompt from a third-party to take a breather.”

- A computer graphics animator from Denver


A little extra push to finish my tasks!

A little extra push to finish my tasks!

“The break gave me a little extra push at the end of the day to finish my tasks! Otherwise, I probably would have ended the day sooner and achieved less.”

- An animator from Denver


Remain in focus for longer!

Remain in focus for longer!

“While wearing the headphones, my focus has really improved. I had longer focus streaks this week than last week, and I'm able to control distractions to remain in focus for longer.”

- An aviation charter operator who is interested in learning how to code


Brain science can be tough. We’re here if you have further questions—contact us if you’d like to know more.

Have a question? Contact us
How do customers view their focus data?

Customers will connect MW75 Neuro to the Neurable iOS or Android app, where you can start focus sessions, receive personalized break recommendations, review focus measurements, and receive insights to improve focus habits.

How does Neurable know I’m focusing?**

When your brain is focused, it produces unique brainwaves that MW75 Neuro can detect using Neurable proprietary focus algorithm. Neurable developed this algorithm using hundreds of hours of experimental data and validated with thousands of hours of testing. More information is available in Neurable’s White Paper.

How does MW75 Neuro to help to reduce burnout?

MW75 Neuro monitors your focus level and generates prompts to take Brain Breaks when you need to recharge. Neurable has tested this feature in partnership with the Mayo Clinic with rave reviews from participants. Not only did participants feel better after taking Brain Breaks, they liked the Brain Breaks more than regularly scheduled breaks recommended by scientific studies.

How do I set up the brainwave sensors?

The brainwave sensors are woven into the soft ear cushions. To connect the sensors, simply put on the headphones and move the hair away from the ear cushions so that the cushions contact the skin around your ear. The mobile app provides instructions for how to wear the headphones to ensure the best quality brainwave data, including live feedback.

What happens to my data if my headphones are not connected to the app?

MW75 Neuro can store up to 16 hours of data about your focus. If you have not connected to the app in a while, MW75 Neuro will keep the most recent 16 hours.

How long does the battery last?

When MW75 Neuro is streaming music while its brainwave sensors on, it will need to recharge after about 8 hours. When looking to extend battery life, you can turn off the brainwave sensors and ANC for a play time of about 32 hours.

Can I use MW75 Neuro while working out?

MW75 Neuro’s sensors are sensitive to excessive movement. If you'd like to use MW75 Neuro while working out, we recommend recording focus sessions during breaks in your movement.

How can researchers and developers use MW75 Neuro?

Neurable is planning to release a research kit and developer kit that will enable developers and researchers to access raw data and build applications with the data from MW75 Neuro.

Does MW75 Neuro use electrical signals to stimulate my brain, like some other devices do?

No. MW75 Neuro does not stimulate brain activity or inject electrical signals into your brain. In the same way a smartwatch measures your heart rate but does not try to change your heart rate, MW75 Neuro measures your brainwaves but does not change your brainwaves.

What customer data is Neurable storing?

Neurable stores basic information for your account like email address and password. This information enables you to access your account.

Neurable also stores some data about yourself that helps to optimize your experience for you: your first name, birth year, and if you are left-handed or right-handed. The app will display your first name in the app home screen. We have found that your age and left vs. right hand preference are the biggest factors that can cause variations in brainwaves.

Neurable stores data about your focus and the quality of the brainwave signals. Neurable uses the focus data to present focus metrics to customers in the mobile app, and Neurable uses the brainwave signal quality to optimize the performance of the product.

How secure is my data?

To store your focus data, Neurable uses Amazon's AWS service with best in class security. When you create a Neurable account, you are required to use a password that is at least 12 characters, which would take about three years for a hacker to crack.

Why Headphones?

At Neurable, we want it to be as easy as possible for customers to use Enten. You probably already work or study with headphones. By integrating brainwave sensors into a device you already use while working or studying, it makes it easy to integrate into your routine. Also, it helps that headphones are something you wear on your head!

Is the app compatible with iOS or Android?

The app will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Is there a desktop app?

We will have a desktop application, but the iOS and Android apps are our priority, so the desktop app will release later than iOS and Android.

Is my data safe?

The data is encrypted in the headphones. Then it is de-identified and stored in encrypted databases in secured locations accessible only to the security engineers. Neurable will never sell your data. Your data is yours.

How is MW75 Neuro different from Muse?

MW75 Neurois pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones that gives you data about your focus and work routines to help you make better decisions. Muse is a headband that helps your improve your meditation. They both use EEG, but we think ours is the best. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

How is MW75 Neuro different from NextMind?

MW75 Neuro is pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones that gives you data about your focus and work routines to help you make better decisions. Nextmind's device is a headband developer kit for building brain-controlled VR games. Neurable introduced a device for brain-controlled VR games in 2017, and now MW75 Neuro will broaden the accessibility of neurotechnology to many more people. NextMind is an analog for where the rest of the neurotech industry is compared to Neurable.

How is MW75 Neuro different from Neuralink?

Neuralink's device requires a surgically implanted electrodes in your brain. Neurable's device is like a normal high-end pair of headphones with non-invasive fabric EEG brain sensors.

Where are you at in your product development process?

We have validated our third engineering prototype, and we are finalizing our designs in preparation for manufacturing at scale. Next, we will incorporate improvements into our final prototype, and begin the manufacturing process. As veterans of the headphone industry, we know that the process will take about 12 months to make a high-quality product that lasts.

Why does neurotech make a good future of work product?

In 2021, we have a greater appreciation for mental health than we have ever had before. We have a lot of tools to measure sleep and activity but so few to help us understand ourselves from a mental perspective. Neurotechnology can change that because it's dealing with actual brain data!

How does EEG work?

EEG works by safely collecting electrical signals produced by your brain. Each of the billions of neurons in your brain produces these brainwaves, and EEG sensors safely detect large changes in brainwaves. Hans Berger was the first person to use EEG sensors in 1924, and EEG is now used in university labs all over the world.

Is EEG safe?

EEG is a completely safe technology that causes no discomfort. It is solely "listening" to the buzz of activity in your brain.

What algorithms are used?

Neurable has built algorithms that identify patterns in your brainwaves. If you're focused, MW75 Neuro sees different patterns than if you're not focused. Just for fun, we name each algorithm after a Pokemon.

Is there some sort of warranty?

Neurable stands by the quality of MW75 Neuro. Parts and labor are covered by a limited warranty for manufacturing defects for 1 year after you receive it.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return your MW75 Neuro within 90 days.

How will MW75 Neuro improve my focus?

Reviewing data about your focus habits will help you to understand your routines and take steps to improve them. Three of the ways that MW75 Neuro will help you be at your best are: tracking your Focus Score from session-to-session, taking Brain Breaks, and reflecting on your focus performance.

Tracking your Focus Score: Our users have observed that when they wear MW75 Neuro, they are better at managing distractions. When tracking focus sessions, our users became more aware of distractions and improved their ability to resist them. As a result they saw longer Focus Streaks in their focus data.

Brain Breaks: You perform best when you allow time for your brain to recover. Our users love Brain Breaks, a personalized recommendation to recharge. They often felt reluctant to take a break, but when they did, they told us they got a lot more done because of the break.

Reflecting: At the end of a Focus Session, you can review details about your session, including your Focus Score. Sometimes you will have a great session, and sometimes you won’t. And this data enables users to observe trends and optimize their day by changing schedules or trying different routines, such as drinking coffee. One of our product testers figured out the best time for him to drink a cup of coffee is 11am by running a small experiment using Focus Score data.

What is the audio quality of the MW75 Neuro?

Master & Dynamic built the MW75 Neuro with custom 40mm Beryllium coated drivers that deliver their signature sound in the form of warmer lows and richer highs and a wide soundstage.

When will MW75 Neuro ship?

The ship date will depend upon when you ordered your MW75 Neuro. In Spring 2024, we will ship to our project backers and to the first group to order in 2023. The next set of orders will arrive in Summer 2024.

Which countries is the MW75 Neuro available in?

MW75 Neuro is currently for sale in the United States and Canada. We plan to ship to other counties in 2024, too. If you want to place an order but live outside of the United States and Canada, please email us at If we get a lot of inquiries from a country, we will accelerate our plans to launch there.

Is Neurable recording my thoughts?

Neurable is not recording your thoughts. If an individual thought is like a wave in the ocean, Neurable’s technology records the tides. MW75 Neuro can measure focus because entire regions of your brain react in predictable ways when you are focused, but MW75 Neuro’s sensors are not capable of detecting individual thoughts.

Does Neurable sell my data to third parties?

Neurable will never sell your data to anyone.