Neurable's Unwavering Pursuit Of Excellence: What Powered By Neurable AI Means

Neurable's Unwavering Pursuit Of Excellence: What Powered By Neurable AI Means

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Dr. Ramses Alcaide
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Beginning in early 2024, you can expect to see products from your favorite companies featuring the tag "Powered by Neurable AI." This badge signifies that we, Neurable, have partnered closely with these companies to develop these products, leveraging our extensive ten years of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) and signal processing.

Together, we aim to deliver a seamless, highly efficient, and intuitive brain-computer interface (BCI) experience. For too long, consumer BCI has left people disappointed, struggling to achieve the desired level of performance and usability. However, we are dedicated to changing this narrative.

The "Powered by Neurable AI" badge serves as an indication of quality and our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the BCI industry. Rest assured that these products will offer a new level of reliability and user satisfaction, thanks to our expertise and dedication. We believe that the future of BCI lies in empowering individuals with effortless control over technology, and we invite you to experience the difference.

A Commitment to Unmatched Quality:

From the inception of Neurable in 2015, we set a pledge to deliver BCIs that seamlessly integrate into the lives of our users, offering an experience reminiscent of the simplicity and sophistication associated with Apple's design ethos. Our vision was clear: we aimed to produce products that went beyond functionality, becoming intuitive extensions of the user's capabilities.

Rejecting the "Science Project" Stereotype:

In an industry often characterized by experimentation and prototypes, we at Neurable consciously chose a different path. We refused to release anything that felt like a mere science project. Instead, our focus was on creating BCIs that felt like finely crafted tools,  blending into the user's daily life with elegance and ease. This was an immense challenge, but it was our mission and nothing would stop us from achieving it.

A Ten-Year Odyssey:

Our journey toward perfection has been deliberate and patient. For a decade, Neurable's team has dedicated itself to the meticulous development of the perfect human-focused brain-computer interface. This journey has been marked by hard work, relentless precision, and an unwavering commitment to providing users with an unparalleled experience.

Hard Work and Meticulous Precision:

At Neurable, we view product development through the lens of a skilled artisan perfecting their craft. Each element of our brain-computer interfaces has been refined through years of rigorous work. We’re dedicated to producing functional products, but also to crafting elegant tools that users can embrace effortlessly. Little to no calibration, frictionless setup, and performance that reflects your experience.

The Genesis: Game-Changing AI on EEG Gel Caps

In our early years, Neurable set out to redefine the landscape of BCIs. Our initial breakthrough involved the development of a game-changing AI at the University of Michigan’s Direct Brain Interface Lab. The AI could interpret brain signals recorded by EEG gel caps, achieving unprecedented performance. This marked a paradigm shift, offering users a glimpse into the potential of how performant a brain-computer interface could be. However, we knew that to truly revolutionize the industry we needed to evolve beyond the limitations of traditional EEG setups.

The Transition: From Gel Caps to Dry Electrodes

Recognizing the need for a more user-friendly approach, we embarked on a journey to transition from gel caps to dry electrodes. This transition required years of thorough data collection and analysis. We gathered information from thousands of users to refine our AI models, ensuring that the transition to dry electrodes did not compromise performance. It was a painstaking process, but one that laid the foundation for our dedication to integrate BCIs into the everyday lives of users.

Refinement: From 22 Dry Electrodes to 6

As we continued to refine our technology, we pushed the boundaries further. Our goal was to make BCIs more user-friendly while also decreasing the form factor without compromising performance. Moving from 22 dry electrodes to just 6 was a significant leap forward. This phase involved rigorous testing, continuous refinement of our AI algorithms, and a dedication to maintaining the high standards that Neurable had set for itself.

The Culmination: From Headsets to Headphones and Earbuds

Fast forward to today, Neurable stands on the cutting edge of BCI technology. Our investment in innovation and user experience has led us to the latest breakthrough: BCIs flawlessly integrated into everyday headphones and earbuds with performance that enables a seamless experience. This evolution represents the pinnacle of our journey, allowing users to experience the power of high performance brain-computer interfaces in a form factor that aligns with their daily lives.

A Decade Well Spent: Thousands of Subject Collections, AI Refinement, and Collaboration

Why did it take ten years? The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to perfection. Thousands of subject collections, constant refinement of our AI models, and collaboration with the best hardware companies were the cornerstones of our journey. We refused to compromise on performance, and each step forward was a result of persistent attention to detail.

Scientific Rigor:

A cornerstone of our success lies in our dedication to scientific rigor. We collaborate with leading neuroscientists and experts, ensuring that our BCIs are not only at the forefront of technology but are also grounded in solid scientific principles. This sets Neurable apart, defining us as an industry leader where innovation meets a deep understanding of the human brain. Including validation from the US Air Force, Mayo Clinic and 9 published papers with some of the best labs in the world.

A Commitment to the Best Experience Possible:

At Neurable, we are passionate about crafting an unprecedented experience. Our vision extends beyond functionality—it's about creating a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology. The interface should fade into the background, allowing users to interact effortlessly with the digital world.


As we stand on the brink of unveiling the culmination of a decade's worth of dedication, I am proud to say that our journey has been more than a technological evolution; it's a testament to Neurable's commitment to quality, seamless integration, and a resolute focus on the user. Our approach stands as a beacon in the industry, a reminder that, in the pursuit of innovation, the human experience should always be at the forefront.

This is what "Powered By Neurable AI" means. So when you see that image, know  a decade in pursuit of perfection led to the product you are using. We back this product with all of who we are and if you ever experience any issues we will be there to help. This is also our way of making sure consumers purchase quality and performant brain-computer interfaces products they can trust and know they will get a wonderful experience.

Thank you for being a part of Neurable's extraordinary journey.

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