Epson Invests In BCI Technology Development Startup Neurable

Epson Invests In BCI Technology Development Startup Neurable

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Jamie Alders
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Epson and Global Brains strategically invest in Neurable to push forward BCI, wearables, and augmented reality (AR).

BOSTON, MA, USA, April 25, 2023 -- Neurable Inc. received investment from Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) and its subsidiary company Epson X Investment Corporation (“EXI”) through a joint fund with Global Brain, the EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership. Boston-based Neurable, a University of Michigan spinout co-founded by Dr. Ramses Alcaide and Adam Molnar, develops brain-computer interface (BCI) technology that uses EEG activity. The investment strategically pushes forward BCI, wearables, and augmented reality (AR).

BCI technology enable neural data flow to computers and IoT devices. They have historically been limited to certain areas such as medical and research-based applications. In recent years, however, with improvements in accuracy of brain-wave sensors and quality of signal detection, promising new applications are emerging in the healthcare and consumer electronics fields. Consumer BCI primarily deals with wellness and human performance applications powered by measured cognition with such benefits as boosts in concentration, improved sleep quality, or stress alleviation. Other types of applications include hands-free control or affective computing. These applications largely fall under consumer electronics with major areas of implications including wearables, wellness, gaming, and digital health.

With greater access to brain activity expected to drive the expansion of well-being and healthcare markets, Neurable draws on knowledge and insights from neuroscience and an abundance of research data to develop AI-based algorithms for extracting and analyzing EEG data. They develop neurotech reference designs, APIs, and features that can function outside of laboratory conditions to be incorporated into everyday technology. Due to their everyday performance achievement, Neurable is actively licensing their technology to top OEMs for headphones, earbuds, and AR devices. The first wave of products are audio wearables that give users access to their own data, privately and securely, to improve cognitive performance, while simultaneously enabling hands/voice free control.

Neurable wants to ethically create a world without limitations by using its advanced algorithms and hardware to meaningfully provide brain activity with actionable insights that everyone, everywhere, can use in their everyday lives.

Epson seeks to give people more lifestyle options and improve their mental and physical health by using pulse sensors and other biosensing technologies. This investment decision was made based on the potential of Neurable’s algorithms and hardware technology in the growing well-being and healthcare markets, as well as on the promise of their platform business.

“We are excited to support Neurable, the leader in non-invasive neurotechnology, reaching new heights with its innovative technology and great philosophy. We look forward to joining Neurable on their journey to advance BCI technology.”

- Sumio Utsunomiya, COO of Epson X Investment Corporation.

“Neurable impressed us with its stellar team, working towards a future where Neurotech will be an integral part of society, making it accessible to everyone living their lives in the best possible form.”

- Rina Obi, Director of Global Brain.

“This is just the beginning for neurotechnology. We are at the cusp of being able to ethically create seamless relationship for people and their technology. Epson shares these values with our company and we could not be more excited to have them as global partners.”

– Dr. Ramses Alcaide, CEO of Neurable

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