Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Full Time

We are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to lead our ML team. You will be working with top data scientists with an expectation to constantly innovate and invent - creative license given. You are someone who appreciates working with the best, coordinating the efforts of your team to empower each individual and develop a culture of excellence. At the same time, you enjoy creating novel algorithms, embrace the notion that failure is part of success, and look forward to getting your hands dirty with your team.

This is an opportunity to see the efforts of your labor directly manifest and impact the course of BCI technological development.

To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • End to end hands-on ownership of machine learning systems – including data pipelines, model generation, training, and inference engines
  • Rapid proof of concept (POC) projects involving collaborative filtering, clustering/supervised learning, mixed with traditional approaches. POC projects should serve as learning experiences for the organization, so that they can be applied across other projects in parallel effort
  • Novel algorithm development, model enhancements, and diligence around advances in key research areas
  • Develop statistical methods and models for analyzing low-dimensional structures embedded in high dimensions with noise


  • MS with 6+ years or PhD with 3+ yrs in Computer Science / EE / Applied Mathematics / or other relevant field
  • Fluency in various machine and deep learning applications/design, particularly neural networks (Algorithm design, AI development, PCAs, ICAs, and ensemble methods)
  • Confidence implementing algorithms in C/C++ or Python
  • Experience with scientific libraries (NumPy, SciKit-learn, SciPy, IPython, Sympy, Pandas, etc)
  • Mathematical and statistical skills with deep understanding of AI concepts
  • Signal processing experience that includes developing, implementing, and validating signal processing algorithms (e.g., FFT, DFFT) for solving real-world problems
  • Research centered techniques for scalable and accurate inference in graphical models, statistical modeling of data, large-scale combinatorial optimization, and robust decision making under uncertainty
  • Experience in multiagent learning and planning, and with statistical models of difficult data


  • You know and can admit when something is not great. You can recognize that something you did needs improvement - no one is perfect
  • You want to shatter the boundaries of your field
  • Comfortable in a small, intense, and high-growth environment
  • You are comfortable disagreeing with others and can respectfully work with them to reach a more perfect solution
  • You possess the desire to build teams and help individuals grow
  • Desire to create a positive change in the world
  • Ability to rapidly prototype in a startup environment  
  • You're a hacker: if something you need doesn’t exist, you don’t wait around - you make it
  • Ability to rapidly learn and adapt to new opportunities and ideas
  • Grow with the company to increase the overall whole, both from a professional and personal perspective
  • Ability to look multiple steps beyond what is right in front of you so that we can constantly innovate